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Furoshiki is Eco-friendly

What is Furoshiki?

Furoshiki is a type of Japanese cloth used for wrapping things like gifts or some delicate items. Furoshiki clothes are mainly made of cotton, silk, rayon, chirimen and nylon. They are decorated in traditional Japanese patterns like kamon symbols or wavy patterns. It is a versatile cloth used by ancient Japanese for variety of things. How ever the use of Furoshiki cloth has increased recently due to its Eco-friendly nature. Furoshiki has become very popular as an Eco alternative to using plastic covers and other wasteful packaging items.

Versatile Uses

Furoshiki looks like a simple square cloth, but it is available in wide range of styles, colors, patterns and sizes, which can be transformed to best suit our needs. Furoshiki clothes can be used to wrap and decorate gift items for special occasions, making handbags and accessories. In Japan, some people use Furoshiki to wrap their lunch boxes and use them as place mat. The method used to tie the Furoshiki cloth is a simple set of knots. For example, to wrap any gift item, take the opposite corners of the cloth and tie a knot over the item to be wrapped. Then take the other two corners to tie second knot. This creates a lovely knotted bow with a solid handle of knots to carry. The knots and the movement of silky fabric compliments the shape of the object wrapped.

In a similar way, attractive shopping bags can be created with handles or decorative bamboo rings. Furoshiki can also be used to cover flowers and decorate your wardrobe. Tie Furoshiki clothes around pillows, cushions to decorate your furniture or you can hang them on a wall like a frame. The uses and benefits of Furoshiki cloth are endless.

Furoshiki is Eco-Friendly

The greatest benefit of Furoshiki cloth is its Eco-friendly nature. Because it is a good alternative to plastic and other waste materials which pollutes our environment. Furoshiki cloth is an Eco friendly product, because it is made from natural materials and does not form biodegradable waste. So using Furoshiki cloth is very beneficial in all aspects and can be used as several products at once.